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REVOLUTION YOUR WELLNESS. We called them Wellness Bands. Because they are designed for your wellness, Classic or LX, discover the style that fits yourself and start to participate in the more wellness movement worldwide.

The most advanced health
and lifestyle wearable
just got even better..

When the first HELO was released it created shockwaves in the wearable technology market. The newly designed HELO LX is even more disruptive, and includes powerful upgrades under the hood.
Unlike ordinary wristbands, HELO is not limited to monitoring and reporting physical data. HELO has active sensors recording emotions, fatigue, sleep quality, exercise, blood pressure, heart rate and ECG, and add-ons such as minerals and stones that directly influence the human body. It even has built-in GPS with a panic button if you are in trouble.Plus, future add-ons will include monitoring blood-glucose levels, oxygen levels, blood-alcohol levels and much more.
Color your wor(l)d.

The HELO LX by Wor(l)d comes with a clip-off system allowing you to easily change the band whenever you want. The 5-band kit or HELO LX box set comes with 5 color bands that will satisfy the fashonista in you.

Helo push
Simple, fast and efficient. With the best technology on board.

A complete map of your emotions and your bio-parameters.
The bio-sensor HELO LX is beyond compare: thanks to a rich set of features, advanced sensing technology and machine learning techniques, HELO LX collect data coming from your body and provides a picture of your emotions and bio-parameters.
125Hz for sensor sampling frequency
Better precision to measure your bio-parameters.

Utilizing earth’s most
powerful elements.

The only wristband on the market with Titanium Plates that host stones and minerals.
The power of the stones: on the hypoallergenic band you can insert titanium plates with Germanium, adding style and benefits to your Helo.

HELO’s Ipo-Allergenic band contains replaceable and removable titanium plates, with stones of pure Germanium at 99,99% purity.

Germanium (Ge) is a naturally occurring semiconductor. Number 32 in the periodic table of the elements, it is also a natural antioxidant.

The stones on the HELO band also help to combat the many positive ions generated by electronic devices, UV rays and more.
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Discreet monitoring
on the fly..

Advanced sensors continuously measure your body’s vitals and syncs this data to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. The reports on the app help you analyze the data, track your progress, and obtain a complete schema of your lifestyle behaviors, sleep quality, exercise, blood pressure, heart rate and ECG. And with WeCare, you can monitor and check the vital signs of your loved ones remotely.

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Total Heart Rate

Total Breath Rate

Total Steps


Blood Pressure

Sleeping Monotoring


Gps button end
Help is just a press away.

HELO is not only a continuous vital monitoring device, but also a useful companion if you are in trouble. With the SOS Panic Button your loved ones can be alerted you have a problem, and can automatically send your GPS position. Whether its a child, family member or friend, HELO provides an extra measure of safety and peace of mind.

Press two times the button - SOS request will be send - first aid process will start.

Sos ende
First aid sheet1
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Track your progress with LifeLog

LifeLog is a system that, using HELO, records and tracks a complete set of information to create your bio-profile in real-time, 24/7. It uses all the measurements of your HELO to build a detailed profile daily where you can link your health data to common elements like pictures, text notes, and audio notes. It’s a revolutionary logging system only available through the HELO Pro App.

LifeLog Timeline
Navigate through a real timeline to check your vitals related each memory.

LifeOracle Reports
See a history of your activity trends, track your long-term calorie burning goals, and get ranked on your activity level.

LifeLog Share
Share all your memories privately or publicly on the major social networks.

LifeOracle Sleep Analysis
Get the most out of your sleep tracking with long-term stats and historical trends.

High Privacy
All your data will be stored safely and securely.
LifeLog Stats
Compare your data against your family, your age group and more.

LifeOracle Trainer
Receive a personalized week plan that pushes you to gradually increase your lifestyle.

Unlimited Storage
No limits for your data storage in the cloud.
LifeOracle Trends
Analyze your vitals intake, see your average vitals sign, and get tips and recommendations for the following weeks.

Unlimited Recording Time
Record all your memories with no time limits.
Take your health to the next level.

LifeLog registers thousands of locations, itineraries, heart rates, blood pressure values, breath rates, ecg videos, moods, steps, sleep analysis and many other details each day. In every moment you can check, compare, and analyze your mood and status compared to other dates, as well as obtain tips and feedback to improve your health and lifestyle.


Say ‘helo’ to your new best friend. your HELO!

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